The Apostle Paul withheld nothing when giving out the Word of God in all its wondrous depths. True to that calling, the full counsel of God is preached without compromise at Living Waters each Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. You’ll find soul-deep nourishment in the truth-in- love message that will help you grow into full maturity in Christ. Listen or watch the latest message from our Sunday morning service.
Sunday evening services are preached by various saints in preparation for the week ahead.  The first Sunday of the month there is a testimony service immediately following lunch. Special music is performed at the beginning of the testimony service.
Wednesday night Bible studies at Living Waters are in-depth studies of the Word of God given by Pastor O’Dorisio. The studies may be by book, or topical. Currently we are in the study of the Book of Revelation. Other recent studies include the Book of John, the Song of Solomon and “Paul’s All’s”. Join us mid-week for a true refreshing.
Ty Robinson teaches the adult Sunday School class from 10:00 – 10:45 a.m. in the main sanctuary. The focus of this study is on the life of the Apostle Paul and his epistles. The study is chronological, easy to follow and brings in the full-counsel encouragement to grow in Christ.
The Paramount Truths document outlines foundational doctrines in the Word of God from salvation to the infilling of the Holy Ghost and Bridal manifestations in the Old and New Testaments. This is a primer for those desiring to search out the scriptures and learn more of the deep things of God.

Archived Sermons

Living Waters has a rich heritage of sermons spanning decades that detail a living legacy of the full counsel of God given freely to and for His people. Sermons by Pastor O’Dorisio and others who have preached at Living Waters are archived here.