At Living Waters services we are blessed to experience live music performed by musicians who willingly yield their God-given talents to lift up and edify God’s people through music and lead them into worship in praise to God for His faithfulness. Listen to music from recent services now.

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  1. Center Of My Joy Michia, Melanie and Velma with Ken 4:26
  2. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross Debbie and Linda 4:05
  3. Blessed Be His Name Ken 4:49
  4. Blessed Assurance Medley Living Waters Youth Choir 6:34
  5. What A Beautiful Day Greg, Sherri, Becky and Clark with Bob 3:47
  6. Clean, Nothing But The Blood Melanie with Ken and Bob 5:29
  7. Nothing Stacy with Bob and Ken 4:46
  8. Jesus Loves Me Medley Harrison and Mary Caroline 4:59
  9. Let's Talk About Jesus Medley Sue and Gloria with Ty 6:30
  10. Be Unto Your Name Living Waters Adult Choir 3:08
  11. Even If Nancy with Bob 3:57
  12. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow Tammy, Stacy, MAcy, August and Bob 5:32
  13. Face to Face Ken 4:34
  14. Be Thou My Vision Tim and Stacy with Bob 2:43
  15. Be Still My Soul Hagan and Jeanette with Bob 4:19
  16. Greater Hannah, Stacy with Tim 4:35
  17. Come As You Are Stacy 3:03
  18. He Hideth My Soul Larry 6:45
  19. A Gift Of A Mother's Love Melanie and Bob with Ken 4:08
  20. O My Soul Stacy with Ken 5:41
  21. Lord I Trust You Michael and Kaylyn with Bob 4:47
  22. How Great Is Our God Aaron and Group 4:52
  23. Written In Red, Because He Lives Medley Ray Lee, Ryan, Mark and Bob 7:06
  24. A Man After Your Own Heart Mark and Bob 4:24
  25. The Old Rugged Cross Macy and Tammy with Linda 4:24
  26. Great Is Thy Faithfulness Medley Sylvia with Bob and Ken 6:35
  27. Wonderful Word Medley Tammy, Nancy, Greg and Scott with Lynn 6:55
  28. He Calls Me Son Ryan with Bob 5:11
  29. Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus Bob 5:32
  30. Because He Lives Stacy 3:46
  31. Revelation Song Genesis and Patricia with Bob 4:20
  32. It Is Well With My Soul Medley Tammy with Stacy 4:22
  33. Prayer Medley Mark, David, Greg and Bob 6:05
  34. Before The Throne Of God Above Hannah, Stacy and Tammy with Bob 3:18
  35. He Gave Himself Bob 4:37
  36. I Get On My Knees Stacy with Lynn 3:29
  37. We Shall Behold Him Medley Krystal, Kaylyn and Bob with Ken 6:17
  38. Fall In Love With Jesus Medley Sylvia with Ken 6:39
  39. Jesus Is Coming Medley Hagen, Jeanette and Bob 8:10
  40. Isn't He Medley Larry, Stacy and Nancy with Lynn 5:31
  41. It Won't Be Long Ken 3:41
  42. Emmanuel Living Waters Adult Choir 4:43
  43. Solomon's Song Debbie and Linda 7:04
  44. Hallelujah Womens Group 5:49
  45. Emmanuel Stacy with Bob and Ken 6:28
  46. 2016 Living Waters Christmas Cantata Living Waters Adult Choir 31:31
  47. You're Here Tammy and Stacy 5:16
  48. O Holy Night Living Waters Adult Choir 4:58
  49. While You Were Sleeping Ryan with Bob 6:33
  50. As A Deer Hagan with Bob 2:44
  51. Nothing But A Child Medley Nancy, Lynn, Scott and Bob 5:59
  52. Love Lay Bleeding Ken Trujillo 3:56
  53. The Broken Road Stacy with Bob and Ken 3:51
  54. Thy Will Be Done Hannah with Bob 3:57
  55. Emmanuel Lynn and Scott with Bob 4:19
  56. Jesus Nashea with Ken 5:26
  57. Sunrise Sunset Medley Ken 5:40
  58. His Strength Is Perfect Michael and Kaylyn with Bob 3:44
  59. Alabaster Box Melanie with Bob and Ken 5:49
  60. Chain Breaker Shaun and Sylvia 4:28
  61. Blessing Medley Nancy and Bob 7:08
  62. No One But You Lord Linda 3:50
  63. No Longer A Slave To Fear Aaron, Tammy and Bob 5:26
  64. Voice Of Truth Celeste and Stacy with Bob and Ken 5:32
  65. At The Cross Hannah and Tammy with Bob 3:27
  66. Just Like His Great Love Bob 5:48
  67. When We All Get To Heaven Stacy and Bob 4:34
  68. Amazing Grace Dannea with Bob 3:36
  69. The Rock Medley Lynn, Nancy, Scott and Bob 6:34
  70. Unfailing Love Tammy and Steve with Stacy 3:17