Living Waters Convention is held each February. The Convention is a time of joining together with saints for an extended time of fellowship and encouragement in the things of eternity. Saints travel to Denver for this time of refreshment in the Word of God from all around the country. God’s Word is brought forth by various ministers from meetings across the country. Special music accompanies the services.

2023 Living Waters Fall Convention

2023 Musical Worship Night

Ray Quintana – The Cost To Reign
Michael Coe – Christ Our Compassionate High Priest
Joe Rogers – Manifold
Lynn Bishop – Complete In Christ
Webb Harvell – Kisses
Tim Baker – Confident For The Finish
Jeanette Maa – Philippians, The Race Course

Ty Robinson – I AM
Pastor O’Dorisio – I Chronicles 28:3-7, 9, 11 ..19

Beneath The Cross
Hear The Voice Of My Beloved – Ladies Quartet
Redemption Medley – Convention Choir
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Medley

2023 Living Waters Convention

2023 Convention Music Night

Webb Harvell – “One”
Henry Smith – I Corinthians 15:20-28
David Hintz – The Drawing Power Of Love

Penny Martinez – John 17:4-5; Philippians 2:1-11
Michael Coe – Matthew 15:21-28; John 20:29
Ray Quintana – A Poor Man’s Cry
Aaron Blair – Genesis 6:15; Ephesians 3:13-19


Jared Pawelka – Psalms 25:10,4; John 9:19-20
Joe Rogers – I Corinthians 10:11; John 2:23; Revelation 2:1-4
Mark Clark – I’ll be There

Sylvia with Bob – Center Of My Joy
Sarah, Dorothy, Roger and Aaron – Remind Me Dear Lord
Sarah, Dorothy, Elizabeth with Graham – There Is A River
Melanie with Bob – Trust In Him Medley

2022 President’s Day Convention

2022 Convention Music Night

Penny Martinez – Doctrine Of Replacement
David Hintz – Philippians 3:13-14

Mark Clark – Margins
Henry Smith – Mystery Of Israel’s Blindness
                         – Mystery Of Israel’s Blindness Notes
Aaron Blair – Genesis 38:12-24; Luke6:45…


Roger Sadberry – Run Right
Gene Hawkins – The Hinderer

Sarah, Dorothy with Graham – Who Holds Tomorrow Medley
Dorothy, June, Sarah and Cara with Aaron and Graham – Shelter In The Arm Of God
Autumn with Bob – The Anchor Holds
Mary Caroline Pawelka – It Is Well Medley
Geoff with Bob – When The Trumpet Shall Sound
Double Quartet – Meeting In The Air

2020 Living Waters Convention

2020 Convention Music Night

Henry Smith – Psalm 23:5…
David Hintz – Amos 3:5

Mark Clark – Psalm 25:12…
Vicky Moots – Ezekiel 36:26…

Anita Clark – Degrees Of Love
Gene Hawkins – Knowing Him

Melanie with Bob – More Than Anything
Mark and Paul with Bob – 10,000 Angels
Jared and Scott with Bob – Higher Ground, Face to Face Medley
Reginald and Vicky – What A Day
Paul Clark – My Savior’s Love
Anita Clark – We Press On
Stacy, Michia with Jeremiah – My Beloved

2019 Living Waters Convention

Henry Smith – Colossians 1:19…

Vicki Moots – Ezekiel 37:1-10
David Hintz – Titus 2:11-14

Mark Clark – “On God’s Terms”
Bill Lee – Philippians 1:21

Roger Sadberry – “It Is Time”
Anita Clark – “First”

Tammy and Bob – Sweet Hour Of Prayer
Sarah and Linda with Bob – O’ Glorious Love
Bob – A Little Hour
Vicki and Reginald – Washed In The Blood (Revised)
Vicki Moots – God’s Perfect Lamb
Velma and Melanie with Stacy and Bob – How He Loves (Revised)
Anita Clark – In The Secret

2018 President’s Day Convention

Henry Smith – Mark 13:34-37
David Hintz – Psalm 103:7

Penny Martinez – Romans 1:15-16
Gene Hawkins – Eye of the Watcher

Michael Postlethwait – By Faith And Not By Sight
Linda with Double Trio – Redeemed
The Pawelka Family – In Christ Alone
Ryan and Stacy – Faithful One

2017 President’s Day Convention

Friday Evening:
Henry Smith – Abraham and Lot

Saturday Morning:
Glenn Hunt – Nahum 3:4
David Hintz – Isaiah 45:22-23

Saturday Afternoon:
Paul Golden – Master The Break Points

Penny Martinez – Numbers 13:26
Lee Ray Romero, Jr – Due to technical issues, Lee Ray’s message was missed.

Sunday Morning:
Mark Clark -The Reciprocity Of Grace
Roger Sadberry

The Best Is Yet To Come Medley by Ken
Lord Im Amazed by Michael
Pray On by Sarah, Paula and Linda
I Do by Lee Ray Sr and Lee Ray Jr
President’s Day Closing Music with Bob, Debbie, Linda, Ian, Tammy, Melanie, Ryan, Stacy and Ray